Just because..

What better way to kick off my new blog than with a fun get-to-know-you bit! I found this idea, “I’m {blank} because..”, from Awesomely Awkward’s (check her out over on the sidebar), and it made me laugh so I thought I’d give it a go. If you know anything about me then some of this might sound familiar, but if you don’t, then I hope this will provide a chuckle and a smile!

I’m weird because..
My closet is color coordinated, and in order of sleeve length.
I’ve never had a pedicure, and I probably never will (toes are a touchy subject).
It bothers me to write the number 5.
I like the smell of my dogs paws, and sometimes the top of his head.
I’m happy because..
My son told me to have a wonderful day this morning.
My family can find any reason to take a picture.
I can practice meditation anywhere and anytime.
I learned how to knit a few weeks ago.
I’m embarrassed because..
My OCD has forced me to give 4 “answers” for each of these so it looks uniform.
I have Teen Mom DVR’d. Season 1 was better.
I’ve never had a pedicure, and probably never will {cringe}.
I can quote every line from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. Don’t hate.
I’m excited for..
A new year with new beginnings!
Springtime and pretty flowers!
Two summer weddings and a quinceanera!
Road trips on the Harley!!

2 responses to “Just because..

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog! You really need to get over the pedicure thing!! LOL! Everyone has toes, some crusty, some musty, some with corns some with thorns but we all have them! LMFO!

    • Thanks Angela! I’m sorry, but no matter how much crust, must, corns and thorns there are, I still can’t do it!!!

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